An all-new app created by an XDA Developer is here and will make things a lot easier for a Samsung smartphone users who have an S Pen. With SPenBoard, users can now switch keyboards with ease and are at liberty to choose a keyboard app that sports handwriting recognition and/or the popular gesture-based typing depending on the movement of the stylus.

To make things a lot easier and avoid the cumbersome and tedious process of changing keyboards manually, LegendK95 created SPenBoard Switcher. But in order for it to work, your device should be endowed with the capability of detecting the removal of the stylus, which would automatically allow you to change from any other keyboard to the one stock S Pen-friendly Samsung keyboard to enjoy specific stylus functions.
You can go to Samsung’s website to learn more about the new revolutionary tool that does away with outdated input methods. The S Pen is far more advanced than a conventional stylus and provides accuracy and speed, without compromising on comfort. You could be surprised that you are using almost an actual pen as the app lets you detect the pressure applied and adjust it accordingly.
The app has already been tested on Samsung Galaxy Note 2 devices and should be compatible with any other S Pen-enabled device as well.

SOURCES XDA-Developers