The HTC One trade-in program has been extended once more, which can only be a good thing for you if you havenít already taken advantage of the offer.

This isnít the first time the offer has been extended, so weíll remind you what you have to do to get back $100 out of what you pay for a new HTC One. You have to be located in the U.S. or Canada, buy the HTC One until May 19 and mail in your old phone, alongside proof of purchase of the One, until June 19.
You also have to follow a series of easy steps and have an old eligible phone to trade in. First, youíll have to pre-register your e-mail address on the HTC site, after which youíll get a code via e-mail.
You can then go to the page of the program (the link is below, but youíll also get it in the e-mail HTC will send you), type in the code and select the type of phone youíll be trading in from a list (it has to be an eligible one), as well as some details regarding the device. Youíll get an estimate for the old phone, which will be at least $100.
Then, if youíve already purchased your HTC One, you can continue the process and get instructions on how to mail the old phone in, together with your proof of purchase. If that is not the case yet, you can save the details for later.
Either way, after the process is completed, youíll get the trade-in value in the form of a pre-paid card.

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