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03-19-2009, 05:14 AM
Dear users,
We are pleased to introduce a new version of SmartMoto v3.21, Smart-Clip v4.09 and S-Card v2.11.

With this release we present the following options.

1. Released full support: Backup/Restore phone flash (Wordís exclusive); Flash; Read/Restore ESN and MEID; Read hardware ESN, MEID and IMEI (wordís first); Reset codes and more for the following CDMA models:
* A840, A860. These models are hybrid platform (CDMA-GSM). Released Restore IMEI option for them. (First in the world)
* C290 (supported first in the world), C343, C364
* E815
* K1m
* L7c
* T720c
* V260, V262, V265, V266, V276, V323, V323i, V325, V325i, V325xi, V3a, V3c, V3m, V710, V810, V9m, VU204 (supported first in the world)
* W315, W385, W755
* Z6c, Z6m, Z6tv
2. Unlock and Repair EEPROM solution for the model EM325 (Compal-Locosto unlock).
3. W233 is added to SmartMoto list (Compal-Locosto unlock).

Detailed manual for the specified above CDMA models is located at SmartMoto section of www.smart-clip.com.

Please donít forget to update all your products and use Smart-Clip Update Zone to update S-Card.
Update Smart-Clip first and perform S-Card update after that only.
We recommend to use only the latest versions of Smart-Clip, S-Card, Smart Adaptor and SmartMoto.
If you wish to receive news on updates immediately, please subscribe to our new SMS notification system.

Smart-Clip ON!

09-09-2010, 12:43 PM
thanks for the post