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03-29-2007, 11:49 AM
Dear Friends,

Due to some misunderstanding and rumors here is Official Final Complete description of Infinity-Box package:

Main part of Infinity-Box is protection Smart-Card. If you have Infinity Smart-Card - you have all that you need to work with Infinity-Box software. Infinity-Box functionality depends on Smart-Card only and not depends on color of Unibox that contain inside Smart-Card.

There are several different types of Infinity-Box packages exist on market now:
1. USB Unibox in Silver color with additional external Card-Reader (dongle) or internal Card-Reader (built-in smart-card reader inside UniBox)
2. USB Unibox in Red color with internal Card-Reader (built-in smart-card reader inside UniBox)
3. USB Unibox in Blue color with internal Card-Reader (built-in smart-card reader inside UniBox)
4. USB Infinity-Slim with internal Card-Reader in different colors (built-in smart-card reader inside UniBox)
5. USB Unibox in any other color (yellow, green, black, dark blue, violet, white, orange etc.) and name (Plus, Minus, Standard, Uni, UniBlack, UniWhite, Slim, Slim Plus, Slim Micro, Slim Color, Slim-Maxi, Mini, Middle, Maxi etc.) with internal or external Card-Reader.

All types of boxes are Original, has the same functionality, the same support, the same software, the same models supported, the same functions/options, the same support/download area access.

Possible difference in packages:
1. Number of cables in package: some older packages has less RJ-45 cables than newest packages. It's because at first time we had less cables in package but now we included new cables in package.
2. Users that have bougth boxes from www.infinity-box.org has access to additional support area at www.infinity-box.org (powered by I-Phone).

In any case, even if you have box with less number of cables you can buy additional RJ-45 cables w/o problems or you can use RJ-45 cables from other boxes (f.e. UniBox, ThunderStorm, Furious, Vygis and maybe others).

If anybody have additional questions, you are always welcom to contact me anytime about technical details:
ICQ: 347191919

Information for Resellers:
If you have Infinity-Box for sale, want to sell Infinity-Box but you are not listed in our official resellers list at www.infinity-box.com, you can post here your details:
.Country, City
.phone No
.web page address, e-mail address
.ICQ, MSN, Sonork
.other additional information

Please, no need to quote price here because Infinity-Box price can be different for different regions/countries due to different delivery/taxes etc.

Information for Users:
We take no responsibility for any information provided in this thread by persons who want to sell Infinity-Box. Please, check reseller's details/trustability by yourself.