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Cell Phone Service Training in 63 Videos in Hindi & English

Available languages Hindi and English

01. Introduction

02. Cell phone Disassembly & assembly

03. Repair Tools Introduction

04. How to use Multimeter05. Difference Between + and – liner

06. Why we are using charger

07. How different functions are working in cell phone

08. Four Types of hardware Introduction

09. Electronic Components introduction & Resistor Identification

10. Capacitor Identification

11. Inductor Identification

12. Diode & Transistor Identification

13. Parallel & Series usage of components

14. Resistor Purpose and Repair

15. Capacitor Testing, Purpose and Repair

16. Inductor Testing and Repair

17. Diode & Transistor test and Repair

18. IC Details and purpose

19. IC Identification

20. Other Spares

21 what is track and how to test

22. How We Can Get Tracks

23. How four hardware divisions making functions together

24. Battery voltage Testing and Voltage Boosting

25. Water lock Board Cleaning

26. Ceaning Technique

27. Soldering Class

28. Re-Soldering

29. IC Change Using Bower





34. Soldering Type Display Changing

35. Battery Connector changing

36. MMC Connector changing

37. How to re-use spares

38. Charging Connector Changing Method-1

39. Charging Connector Changing Method-2

40. Cleaning With Yellow Solution

41. Easy Technique for Track Checking

42. Speaker Problem

43. Low Speaker Sound Problem

44. Ringer Problem

45. Mic Problem

46. Low Mic sound and ringer sound Problem

47. Box Mic Problem

48. Display Problem

49. Charging Problem Part-1

50. Charging Problem Part-2

51. Charging Problem Part-3

52. Nokia Charging Problem

53. Insert Sim Problem Part-1

54, Insert Sim Problem Part-2

55. Insert Sim Problem Part-3

56, Insert Sim Problem Part-4

57. Keypad Problem Part-1

58. Keypad Problem Part-2

59. All Keys Not Working Problem

60. Network Problem Part-1

61. Network Problem Part-2

62. Board short Problem

63. Dead mobile repair

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Each note is valuable to learn mobile repairing easily.
I alone have released mobile repairing video tutorials worldwide.
All our training videos are created from 13 years of direct service experience.
It is not following the theories of other present teaching institutions. My entire syllabus made from practical experiences.
Each word and video clippings gives you knowledge to develop your skills in mobile repairing field.

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